Focusing on information - combining individuality and cost-effectiveness

  • Our product range of driver information systems: Instrument Clusters and Single Gauges
  • Product development taking into account individuality, functionality and cost effectiveness
  • Customer-specific requirements and market driven solutions for every class of Special Vehicles
  • Proposals for industrial design, ergonomics and human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Forward-looking and cost optimized technology
  • Established platform concepts for a maximum of individuality, flexibility and scalability
  • Delivery of maximum quality and durability as well as aesthetics
Instrument Cluster

Instrument Clusters

Customized to the highest level

The Instrument Cluster is a driver's key information source.

We offer up to 18 additional single gauges to complement the instrument cluster.

Single Gauges

Market-specific solutions

Specific markets, such as North America, require Single Gauges as well as Instrument Clusters...


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